The worse diet doctor advice in this century

The worse diet doctor advice in this century

 all right this is a very interesting article. i'm always searching around for   the latest greatest diet advice and i actually found the worst diet doctor advice in the entire world.   it's actually a series of bad advice all on one website on one page by someone who is ranking   very high in google. 

Diet doctor advice
Diet doctor advice

i won't mention their name but let's just go through this number one: eating   frequently prevents over eating right, makes sense totally logical very unworkable because   if you're consuming carbs frequently not only is that going to make you crave carbs more but the   eating frequently stimulates hunger. 

so if you want to stimulate hunger and be hungry all the time,   just consume small carbohydrate meals and you are going to be hungry all day long. 

all right number   two: plan ahead don't skip meals or allow yourself to get hungry. so if you just eat before you get   hungry you won't overeat so that way you won't gain weight because you're eating less calories.


so this is just more of the same low calorie advice which we have already proven that. it   doesn't work a million times. 

here's the next one: eating every two to three hours   maintains metabolism really. the body will feel reassured and loved with regular intake   of calories. you will see no reason to store body fat. 

so this one right here is just sums it right   up. this is like the exact opposite of what you want people to do can you imagine eating every   two hours. i mean what's going to happen to your metabolism. 

so we just keep feeding our body 24 7.   forget the two hours. let's just feed it constantly and then finally it will feel reassured and loved   with these constant intake of calories. i mean it's not going to really see any need for storing fat.   because it's constantly getting calories. this makes absolutely no sense.

number four: eating foods that are low energy density type foods like fruit vegetables whole grains   and lean proteins. so you will feel full longer. well, first of all, it's very difficult to feel   satisfied if you don't have fat. now what's really interesting about this one is that why would you   need to feel full longer. if you're eating every two to three hours isn't that enough food in your   body to actually be satisfied well. 

what they don't realize is when you go low-fat like that   and you're doing the carbohydrates the grains the fruits things like that oh my gosh i mean it's   going to be torture on your body. you're going to be constantly hungry all the time and you're gonna   get your body trained to be eating every couple hours and there's absolutely no adaptation to fat.   so forget about losing fat.

number five: we're back to the calorie thing   complete waste of time. what are you going to do track your calories and   say well portion control. i'm just going to have this many calories.   because i'm eating every two hours. i have to make sure these meals are nice and small. right   it's just it's completely trivial and a waste of time. 

number six: join a community   oh that makes sense. so the blind can lead the blind. so we can all do the wrong thing together.   we can all fail together as a group yeah that makes a lot of sense. 

number seven:   you'll have smarter thinking because your brain gets the regular flow of sugar.   yeah well that's going to lead to what's called type 3 diabetes dementia, probably alzheimer's.