Ignore hunger waves while fasting and fasting blood sugar level

Ignore hunger waves while fasting and fasting blood sugar level

 i wanted to cover some interesting things about fasting. one is that fasting will increase   your motivation exercise. i'm going to cover that but i also want to talk about something very   very important and it basically has to do with hunger waves. 

fasting blood sugar level

okay you want to ignore hunger waves. now what is a hunger wave well. it's a wave of hunger that if you ignore it, it will go away.


what's causing the hunger is a hormone and it's called ghrelin. okay ghrelin is the hunger hormone   and it sends signals to the brain telling you it's time to eat and let's say for example it's   lunchtime and you're getting hungry and you just ignore it. 

you get busy whatever within two hours.   you're gonna find it's gone you're not hungry anymore okay then at dinner time it might come   up again if you ignore it push through it, it goes away. 

so over time when you fast, you have these   waves of ghrelin up and down, up and down but over time they go further and further   downward to the point where it becomes easier and easier to fast where you don't have that sensation   of hunger anymore. 

so you have two things.  one is the sensation of hunger and number two you   have wow my blood sugars have dropped. i'm really hungry. i'm feeling irritable. i'm getting weak. i'm   getting dizzy. 

well, that means that you need to eat but that's a lot different than a temporary   wave of hunger caused by ghrelin fasting over a period of time will make you less and less   hungry. it's very counter-intuitive. 

you would think that not eating will make you hungry it doesn't   and eating especially repetitive eating makes you more hungry. every time you eat you spike insulin   and two hours later. now you're hungry and you need a little snack. 

so related to that information,   try to ignore the hunger signals right now and fast longer. now i want to switch gears   to something else very interesting and this was based on a study involving mice not humans   but i find it to be true. 

in humans there was an increased urge to exercise when fasting and they   isolated that down to the same hormone ghrelin. so ghrelin can actually make you want to exercise.   what i want to know is if you've been fasting for a period of time, go ahead and put down in the   comments section down below if you find that when you fast you do have this increased motivation   exercise. so if you get this spike in ghrelin and you're hungry ignore those signals but don't   ignore the signals to exercise.