Do sit ups burn belly fat | How to burn belly fat with sit ups

Do sit ups burn belly fat | How to burn belly fat with sit ups

Many people would love to incorporate a routine of doing sit-ups into their daily workout plans. And while sit-ups are great for your core and abdominal area, they will not directly cause you to lose weight from the waist down. 

do sit ups burn belly fat
Do sit ups burn belly fat

The reason why is because your body stores excess calories as fat anywhere it can find space or room. This includes any areas that are hanging loose such as arm flaps or even extra skin around your stomach area.

What Sit-Ups Do Your Body Burn Belly Fat?

It burns only 2% of energy during a 100 rep workout. However, if you want to burn belly fat, then adding sit-ups into your routine is recommended.

How to Burn Belly Fat with Sit-Ups? 

how to burn belly fat with sit ups
How to burn belly fat with sit ups

The key to losing lower abdominal fat is all about having an energy deficit. Energy balance will determine whether or not you gain, lose or maintain weight. 

To develop and tone your abs, do classic sit-ups along with crunches and leg raises. Add these three exercises together and eat a well-balanced diet for additional results.

Add 3 sets of 15 of each exercise to the end of your workout (after doing squats and deadlifts) on nonconsecutive days; rest 2-3 minutes between sets. Ensure that you warm up properly before adding these exercises by jogging in place for 1 minute and doing 10-15 reps of light cardio/repetitions to warm up your legs and core.

How to Build Six Pack Abs Fast?

If you want to build six-pack abs fast, then you need to have a six-pack for them to show. So, the first thing that you can do is start following an effective diet and exercise program right away. 

Dieting without exercise will only make things worse because it slows down your metabolism and makes it possible for fat loss efforts to be futile until you begin exercising as well. 

And if maintaining a healthy weight is one of your primary concerns, then regular vigorous cardiovascular workouts are highly recommended. 

They not only help with fat loss but also increase muscle strength which equals more calories burned.

What happens if you do it every day?

It makes your abs more muscular and toned. -It helps burn belly fat because it targets the abs directly, and strengthening them will help with all other areas, including your legs, buttocks, and hips. -It is suitable for lower back muscles too !! :)